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Introducing the DK Security robotics division in partnership with Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD)

Introducing the DK Security robotics division

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the evolution of the security industry, with new and effective tools transforming the way organizations secure their people and assets. DK Security is excited to join this effort by launching a brand-new robotics division that will continuously improve the security of our clients and communities. As a dealer for Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), DK now adds cutting-edge AI security robotic solutions to our existing services.

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Lotus Boyz GR lion dance group performs at DK Security in Grand Rapids

Cultural Spotlight: Lion dancing with Lotus Boyz GR

Have you ever experienced a lion dance? Until recently, most of us at DK Security in Grand Rapids had not. However, one of our corporate recruiters, a Chinese-Vietnamese first-generation American, helped change that. Thanks to Thao Tran and her friends at Lotus Boyz GR, we were able to encounter this unique tradition and be reminded of the many distinct cultures represented across the company.

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Command center supervisor Blake Roderick receives outstanding performer award from DK Security

Command center supervisor receives outstanding performer award

Our Grand Rapids corporate command center provides vital communication and support to every employee companywide. Led by supervisor Blake Roderick, it has lately become one of the highest functioning employee teams in the entire company. For his continued efforts to build a stronger and more cohesive department, Blake is our latest Outstanding Performer award recipient.

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American flag patch on military uniform

DK veterans share their military stories

Each November 11th is Veterans Day, a time to honor and celebrate the individuals who have worn the uniform of our country. DK Security proudly employs over 200 veterans across our state-wide security teams; this year, we’re taking a little extra time to reflect on the experiences of our DK vets and spoke with a select few of them.

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A salute to service: Veterans Day 2022 at DK Security

A salute to service: Veterans Day 2022

This Veterans Day, we are honored to recognize the many veterans employed by DK Security for their sacrifices and their service to our country. We benefit daily from their commitment to our safety and security. The freedoms we enjoy come at a price, and we are thankful for all the ways our veterans have and continue to protect these freedoms.

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Security services through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic security guards Michigan

Security services through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Since early 2020, the COVID-19 viral pandemic has left a powerful impact on physical safety across industries and influences the way we conduct business today. At DK Security, we consider personal health to be a crucial part of the security industry; our commitment to providing physically safe spaces extends to the health and well-being of our clients, employees, and communities.

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DK Security Kevin Belk Former GRPD Police Chief

A Career in Law Enforcement With Police Chief Kevin Belk

Since the founding of DK Security, law enforcement leadership perspectives have been central to the reputation and expertise we’ve built in the security industry. In 2016, Kevin Belk joined DK Security as Senior Vice President, bringing with him 34 years of law enforcement experience which culminated with seven years as chief of police for the Grand Rapids Police Department.

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DK Security Popular Security Requests Local Security Company Grand Rapids Detroit Lansing Ohio Indiana

Our Top 10 Most Popular Security Requests

When you think about DK Security, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Security guards at a football game, 5K, or maybe even a festival? 

Our guards have been providing security services across Michigan and the Midwest for the last 27 years. However, we do so much more than providing security for events and festivals — our services are just as unique and diverse as the clients we serve in the Midwest.

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DK Security emergency training first aid workplace benefits

3 benefits of emergency training in the workplace

Emergencies in the workplace are rare, but they do occur. It’s better to have security plans and training in place so you and your staff can respond to emergencies quickly, safely, and efficiently. Many organizations and businesses establish their own emergency procedures, but that's only the first step. Training your employees to appropriately respond to — and even prevent — an emergency is crucial.

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DK Security Director of Operations West Michigan Ohio Indiana Joe Budnik

Employee Spotlight: Joe Budnik, Director of Operations

If anyone knows what it means to stick around for the long haul, it’s Joe Budnik. 20 years of always saying “yes” has led our Director of Operations to build an impressive professional resume and find himself central to our company’s defining moments. In this Employee Spotlight, Joe discusses those defining moments, finding satisfaction in a job well done, and even having a company phrase named after him.

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