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DK Security Kevin Belk Former GRPD Police Chief

A Career in Law Enforcement With Police Chief Kevin Belk

Since the founding of DK Security, law enforcement leadership perspectives have been central to the reputation and expertise we’ve built in the security industry. In 2016, Kevin Belk joined DK Security as Senior Vice President, bringing with him 34 years of law enforcement experience which culminated with seven years as chief of police for the Grand Rapids Police Department.

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DK Security Popular Security Requests Local Security Company Grand Rapids Detroit Lansing Ohio Indiana

Our Top 10 Most Popular Security Requests

When you think about DK Security, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Security guards at a football game, 5K, or maybe even a festival? 

Our guards have been providing security services across Michigan and the Midwest for the last 27 years. However, we do so much more than providing security for events and festivals — our services are just as unique and diverse as the clients we serve in the Midwest.

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DK Security emergency training first aid workplace benefits

3 benefits of emergency training in the workplace

Emergencies in the workplace are rare, but they do occur. It’s better to have security plans and training in place so you and your staff can respond to emergencies quickly, safely, and efficiently. Many organizations and businesses establish their own emergency procedures, but that's only the first step. Training your employees to appropriately respond to — and even prevent — an emergency is crucial.

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DK Security Director of Operations West Michigan Ohio Indiana Joe Budnik

Employee Spotlight: Joe Budnik, Director of Operations

If anyone knows what it means to stick around for the long haul, it’s Joe Budnik. 20 years of always saying “yes” has led our Director of Operations to build an impressive professional resume and find himself central to our company’s defining moments. In this Employee Spotlight, Joe discusses those defining moments, finding satisfaction in a job well done, and even having a company phrase named after him.

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Man working alone at his office after hours

3 risks your business faces during off-hours

Your business might not operate 24/7, but threats occur around the clock. Your business is one of your most significant investments — having a safety and security plan when your doors are closed is just as crucial for when you’re open. After hours, a business is more vulnerable. With fewer employees (if any) present, your business is left at a higher risk for break-ins, trespassing, and vandalism.

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DK Security Event Staff Employee Spotlight Alethea and Kevin Smith

Employee Spotlight: Alethea and Kevin Smith

Alethea and Kevin Smith met on their first day of college almost 24 years ago. Today, Alethea’s wedding ring has “Scott Hall 1998” engraved inside. From the University of Illinois to events with DK Security and 42 countries traveled along the way, the Smiths are two of our most adventurous and highest-performing employees. Ahead of the renewing of their wedding vows this June, we spoke with Alethea and Kevin about their relationship, the role DK Security plays in their love for travel, and their adventures to come.

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4 serious reasons every organization should do pre-employment screenings

Your workforce is the backbone of your company. Your employees help drive sales, hit your business goals, and they’re your biggest resource, which can affect the public perception of your brand. Needless to say, it’s incredibly important to hire trustworthy, qualified candidates in order for your company to be successful. But hiring an exceptional team is not always an easy task.

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