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HonorLine Anonymous Employee Hotline

New Year. New Look.

HonorLine is an anonymous hotline owned and operated by DK Security, designed for use by our clients to report suspected criminal and unethical conduct within their organization. We're delighted to start 2022 by reintroducing HonorLine service with a modernized logo.

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DK Security Veterans Day 2021

Recognizing Our DK Security Veterans

This Veterans Day, we are honored to recognize the many veterans employed by DK Security for their sacrifices and their service to our country. We benefit daily from their commitment to our safety and security. The freedoms we enjoy come at a price, and we are thankful for all the ways our veterans have and continue to protect these freedoms.

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DK Security Employee Spotlight Nancy Rhodes Vice President of Human Resources

Employee Spotlight: Nancy Rhodes

In 1999, Nancy Rhodes joined the early operations of DK Security as an Administrative Assistant. This Fall, she was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources, overseeing a new-look HR department that spans the states of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

In this Employee Spotlight, Nancy covers what she’s seen over her 22-year tenure with DK Security, what it means to step into an executive role, and her goals for the future of the company.

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DK Security Mobile Career Fair 2021

Mobile Career Fair: Summer 2021

In the Summer of 2021, DK Security took its "Mobile Command Unit" company RV to farmers markets and community events in West Michigan to meet, interview and hire hourly workers. By Summer's end, the 2021 Mobile Career Fair brought our recruiting team to seven events in four cities, building valuable relationships with job applicants and supporting community organizations at the same time.

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Amira Selimovic DK Security Author As I Live Dying

Employee Spotlight: Amira Selimovic

In this edition of the DK Employee Spotlight, we highlight the newly published author of the novel As I Live Dying, Amira Selimovic. Amira has proven herself to be a shining example of creativity and talent in our family of employees, and we’re excited for the opportunity to support her work. Amira’s novel tells a story of self-discovery and acceptance, and is now available for purchase at Schuler Books and on Amazon.

We recently sat down with Amira to discuss her background, her book, and her future.

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DK Security Employee Spotlight Security Officer Kristin Stimpson

DK Employee Spotlight: Kristin Stimpson

DK Security is blessed with incredible officers in our vast family of over 2,300 employees. The DK Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight some of these talented individuals. They are our shining examples of hospitality security and the reason DK Security continues to grow and thrive. For our very first employee spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Lieutenant Kristin Stimpson. 

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DK Security Be Aware Prepared Protected

Be Aware, Prepared, & Protected

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, congregants of Tree of Life synagogue held a morning Shabbat service in the quaint Pittsburgh neighborhood of Squirrel Hill. Shortly after the service started, a man entered the synagogue with an AR-15 and three Glock handguns. He opened fire on the congregation, leaving eleven people dead. It was a horrific tragedy that only added to the list of mass shootings that have occurred within the United States. The unfortunate reality is that events like these can occur anywhere at any time and in areas described as safe by the residents and neighbors, which was the case for Tree of Life synagogue.

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